Our Team


Our trainers are a team of experienced professionals with strong educational backgrounds. This vibrant combination has significantly impacted the effectiveness of our training programs.

Our Team

1. Ms. Ankita Jain
Training Manager, 8+ yrs exp. MBA
9828485880/ 9057512603

2. Ms. Pooja Sharma
Training Executive

3. Sachin Agarwal
Business Development Manager

Upcoming Workshops/ Training Programs

NLP Certified

ANLP Accredition Certificate for NLP Practitioner

Axis Bank

2 days Playshop on Customer Value - How to do assertive & effective Communication

Vaibhav Global Ltd.

2 days workshop on- Influencing Skills, Communication Core, How to motivate & appreciate your team, accountability Development Skills & Goal Setting for Middle Management.

Canvas International Pre School

Half Day Playshop conducted for all frnachise Owners on Positive Attitude, goals setting & Entrepreneur Mindset of Canvas International Pre School in Jaipur

JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd.

One day Workshop for all the supervisors on Inspiration, how to create positive attitude at workplace, how to handle new changes & spreading happiness among fellow workers.

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