Mr. Shailendra Singh Chouhan

Mr. Shailendra Singh Chouhan

NLP Certified/ Sales & Life Coach & Freelance Corporate Trainer, Management Guru with 15yrs Exp.

Matrix Training Solutions

As a Managing Partner & Lead Trainer of Matrix Training Solutions since October 2013, Corporate trainer and Management Guru with 15yrs Exp.- Mr. Shailendra Singh Chouhan imparts training programs, workshops, seminar and Life- problem consultation to different Corporate Employee, College students, Banker’s, Govt. professional, Women’s Club Members & many more.

Mr. Shailendra Singh Chouhan

Mr. Shailendra Singh Chouhan is marked by his gentle disposition & compassion for everyone alike. He is an inspiring example to all of us to make a difference. He is a highly energetic & passionate Trainer who can captivate the audience with his eloquence & panache. Through his passion he has been able to explore different areas of life and gain deep insights to life, living & people. He encourages this thought further while sowing the seeds of positivity in the minds of professionals who are driving today’s competitive, Corporate India.

He forges an immediate bond with participants with his unaffected & simple style which is the hallmark of his disposition. People approach him with ease & in his turn, he does his best to not just live up the expectations but after exceed them. His composure & maturity makes him ideal in the role of a learning instructor. Having logged thousands of hours working with individual executives & senior professional, he has developed a revolutionary, unique & highly practical systm for improving personal & organizational productivity. He has one more side as person that is as poet even. He has written 50+ writings on different sides & faces of life with his experience.

He is a professional with engineering background & a master degree in management. He has got a vast experience of over 14 years’ in the corporate & as well as the fashion industry. He worked in a fashion industry, where he has strived in for 2 years and awarded as THAR Prince in 2002, Mr. Rajasthan in 2003. He has groomed more than 150+participants in fashion shows as a choreographer for 2 years.

He started his professional career in with NIIT group in Udaipur as a project manager. After that he worked with IndusInd Bank for year’s time in Jaipur. He worked with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Ltd. in Jaipur & Ajmer Branch as a Sr. Branch Manager & served the company for 10 years, where he has handled the business & sales targets of the branch and training of his employees on Presentation Skills, negotiation Skills, Selling Skills, Soft Skills, Customer Retention, Personality Development & many more. He has taken more than 400+ trainings till date. He has taken 7 internal promotions in his tremendous span with the company. He has been awarded with Best Branch as well as Best manager 4 times at Pan India level. He also got awarded as a Best Manager among Rajasthan, Punjab, and Maharashtra states. He also got nominated for Product Feedback in Customer Interface.

Upcoming Workshops/ Training Programs

NLP Certified

ANLP Accredition Certificate for NLP Practitioner

Axis Bank

2 days Playshop on Customer Value - How to do assertive & effective Communication

Vaibhav Global Ltd.

2 days workshop on- Influencing Skills, Communication Core, How to motivate & appreciate your team, accountability Development Skills & Goal Setting for Middle Management.

Canvas International Pre School

Half Day Playshop conducted for all frnachise Owners on Positive Attitude, goals setting & Entrepreneur Mindset of Canvas International Pre School in Jaipur

JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd.

One day Workshop for all the supervisors on Inspiration, how to create positive attitude at workplace, how to handle new changes & spreading happiness among fellow workers.

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