How We Work


How we work

An effective Executive Training firm is the one which can envision people development in sync with the organisation’s mission, vision and values.

Matrix  Training solutions strongly believes that to see ‘real’ development in people, it’s important for us as training partners to understand the people needs & challenges of the organisation. This requires ample groundwork to be done with our clients which helps in designing a result oriented plan to produce a definite outcome. Defining the outcome is extremely important before you can plan the engagement.

We are big advocates of sustained development which is not restricted to a 2 day training session. Periodic training interventions with constant monitoring and reminder mechanisms ensure a scientific method of development of people. The Matrix  Training solutions  team is constantly studying and creating various mechanisms which can engage people beyond training sessions, are not time consuming and yet are highly effective.

A holistic development approach involving power packed training programs coupled with Pre Training and Post Training boosters, is a guaranteed way of churning out excellent & highly effective professionals.



For learning to happen, it is very important to create the right environment during a training program. An environment which facilitates robust discussions & debates, which is practical and rooted in reality and is high on the fun-meter. An environment in which the audience enjoys the process of learning and retain what they learn.

Matrix  Training solutions understands that this is largely the responsibility of the trainer / facilitator. A subject matter expert who is a Facilitator and NOT a Lecturer. Adapting the Adult Learning Techniques of ‘Experiential Learning’ and ‘Learning-from-each-other’, our trainers ensure an extremely high level of participation from their audience, using a mix of tools such as:

Group Discussions
Role Plays
Team Activities
Case Studies
Specifically shot & developed customized training videos
Psychometric Tools
Recording Participants
Energizing Games etc.


Our Training Methodology

The three primary ways that human beings learn are (VAK): -

I. Visual – Learning through seeing/ visuals
II. Auditory- Learning through listening
III. Kinesthetic- Learning primarily through experiencing it

Hence, our training is designed to gratify to all three types of learners so that everyone in the audience can sop up the material in their own unique learning style. We use Power Point, movie clips, video clips which help the visual learners; the trainers speak about this material & encourage group interface which help the auditory learners; and role plays, business cases, games, activities help the kinesthetic learners to experience the concepts that are presented. In order to facilitate the process of learning, we follow the Adult Learning Process and ensure that 85% of our trainings are pragmatic.




Upcoming Workshops/ Training Programs

NLP Certified

ANLP Accredition Certificate for NLP Practitioner

Axis Bank

2 days Playshop on Customer Value - How to do assertive & effective Communication

Vaibhav Global Ltd.

2 days workshop on- Influencing Skills, Communication Core, How to motivate & appreciate your team, accountability Development Skills & Goal Setting for Middle Management.

Canvas International Pre School

Half Day Playshop conducted for all frnachise Owners on Positive Attitude, goals setting & Entrepreneur Mindset of Canvas International Pre School in Jaipur

JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd.

One day Workshop for all the supervisors on Inspiration, how to create positive attitude at workplace, how to handle new changes & spreading happiness among fellow workers.

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