Why Train With Us?



We co- work with you to identify the competency gaps in your workforce. We ensure that the content for each program is designed based on the objectives and desired results expressed by the key stakeholders. Scenarios of oftenencountered situations are gathered from the client and role plays and case studies are written by MTS in order to ensure smooth transfer of learning to the workforce.

We are stalwarts of the ideology that every group’s training needs are different and that’s a ‘One Solution Fits All’ concept does not yield desired results.Therefore we strongly advocate the concept of ‘Customized Training Programs’ that are tailor-made to suit the idiosyncratic needs and objectives of each unique audience to ensure a realistic transfer of learning to the workplace. 


Our Vision

To make Matrix Training Solutions a dynamic, vibrant, value based learning organization comprising of exceptionally skilled, highly motivated & committed professionals, who facilitate seamless transformation of our trainees towards performing in a space of excellence.


Our Mission

To provide training of exceptional quality through trainer who are constantly evolving to achieve their highest potential and are empowering others to do the same. This results in not only increased productivity but also enhanced personal effectiveness.



Our Team

Our trainers are a team of experienced professionals with strong educational backgrounds. This vibrant combination has significantly impacted the effectiveness of our training programs.


Real & Practical

Our Training Programs are rooted in Reality. We speak the participants’ language. Not a Trainer’s.


Customised Training Solutions

Our Training Programs are highly customized. The Matrix  Training solutions Trainers would ensure that they understand the on-the-job challenges of the participants before designing a program.


Based on the principles of Adult learning

We at Matrix  Training solutions do not believe that training happens by playing some stupid games and trying to derive great learnings out of those. Instead it happens best when people Learn from Each Other. Our programs are highly interactive and group discussion led.

Each participant has a best practice that he can share with his colleagues. We believe our job is to refine their insights and make them executable at the workplace.


360 Degree Approach

No train-and-forget approach. Our holistic 360 degree approach of pre-training diagnostic, in-class training sessions and post-training engagement tools help in sustained learning leading to real development of people. We partner with our participants and equip them to become highly productive professionals.




Upcoming Workshops/ Training Programs

NLP Certified

ANLP Accredition Certificate for NLP Practitioner

Axis Bank

2 days Playshop on Customer Value - How to do assertive & effective Communication

Vaibhav Global Ltd.

2 days workshop on- Influencing Skills, Communication Core, How to motivate & appreciate your team, accountability Development Skills & Goal Setting for Middle Management.

Canvas International Pre School

Half Day Playshop conducted for all frnachise Owners on Positive Attitude, goals setting & Entrepreneur Mindset of Canvas International Pre School in Jaipur

JLC Electromet Pvt. Ltd.

One day Workshop for all the supervisors on Inspiration, how to create positive attitude at workplace, how to handle new changes & spreading happiness among fellow workers.

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